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Pollock Stairlifts

Pollock Stairlifts has over 30 years experience providing stairlifts for customers throughout Northern Ireland.

Why Pollock?

All Pollock stairlifts are tailored to the needs of individual customers and their individual homes. Designed and manufactured in the UK, our stairlifts are fully compliant with British Standards and fully guaranteed for 12 months. We fit and maintain stairlifts across Northern Ireland and, no matter what challenges we face, we provide you with a solution that is elegant, quiet and efficient.

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Straight Stairlifts

Our straight stairlifts are suitable for stairs that travel in a straight line.

Curved Stairlifts

Our curved stairlifts are designed to travel round staircases that bend or spiral.

Benefits of Pollock Stairlifts

Professional advice

Our friendly teams of advisors are on 24/7 to advise you and your service agreement will ensure that your lift is operating safely for years to come.

Expert design

Our range of stairlifts have been created to suit different needs and budgets using knowledge gleaned from users, healthcare professionals and our own experience.

Advanced features

Our stairlifts can have a powered swivel seat, folding footplate and battery backup. They have two remote controls as standard so they can be called just like an elevator.

Emergency installation

Our dedicated service and installation team are professionally trained to install any stairlift within a matter of hours and always ensure total suitability for you and your needs.

Ease of use

All our stairlifts are operated by pressing or holding the large, robust toggle or joystick in the direction of travel. The toggle’s location at the end of the seat arm, leaves the arm rest clear to provide support.

Safety a priority

Pollock stairlifts have safety sensors on the power pack and footplate, designed to stop the lift if it meets any obstruction. They also come with a seat belt as standard.

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