Straight Stairlifts Range

Straight Stairlifts

We have over 30 years experience providing stairlifts for customers in Northern Ireland.

All our stairlifts feature a stylish and compact design with safety sensors fitted as standard that will stop the lift in case of obstruction.

Our straight stairlifts can also be fitted with a range of optional extras to make them even easier to use.

We keep all our stairlifts in stock so you will receive fast delivery and installation.

Straight Stairlift Range

950The 950 offers users essential manual functionality.

950+The 950+ is our most popular stairlift and is available in a choice of colours.

1000The 1000 range is our most established straight stairlift and is suitable for users up to 200kg / 35st.

1100 The straight stairlift with the slimmest rail in the market.

Benefits of a Pollock Stairlift

Quick Installation

Typically installing your stairlift takes 2 - 3 hours and there should be no requirement to redecorate once your lift is installed.

Full Warranty

Our stairlifts are fully guaranteed for 12 months. In the unlikely event of a breakdown our support team are available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

A Perfect Fit

Our stairlifts come both straight and curved designs to fit the available space in your home.

Back-Up Power

In the event of a power cut, your stairlift has a dedicated battery back-up which will always return to the ground floor.

Service Agreement

Service agreements are available post installation to ensure that your stairlift is serviced and operating safely for years to come.

Expert Design

Our range of stairlifts has been created to suit different needs and budgets using knowledge gained from users, healthcare professionals and our own experience.


Safety sensors as standard
Manual fold-up seat, arms and footrest, powered optional.
Automatic and powered options are available
DC power as standard
Manual swivel seat as standard
Two remote controls as standard
Continuous charging function
Seatbelt as standard

Unique ‘slide track’ option available
Sand coloured upholstery
Capacity 120kg

Optional extras
Slide track: When you start to travel up the staircase the track will move with you.

Unique ‘slide track’ option available
Choice of six upholstery colours
Capacity 120kg

Optional extras
Powered swivel seat: To automatically swivel your seat round so that you exit onto the landing safely.
Body Harness: Designed for those who need extra support.
Powered footplate: To maximize free space, you can automatically fold up the footplate.

Unique ‘slide track’ option available
1000 offers 137kg / 21½st
1000XL 160kg / 25st
XXL 200kg / 31½st.

Optional extras
Powered hinged rail: The track can be folded away from the doorway giving clear access.

Unique ‘slide track’ option available
140kg capacity

Optional extras
Powered hinged rail: The track can be folded away from the doorway giving clear access.

Pollock Stairlifts

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